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Umm Afraz Muhammed, the Redefined Muslimah Coach, is an Indian mother settled in the Emirates. She is also an author, a book reviewer, and a freelance graphic designer.

After graduating in Psychology and Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies, she is currently in her final semester of Master of Arts in Islamic Studies, writing her thesis on Self-Coaching from the Qur'anic Perspective.

Having served as a Counselor since 2012, she transitioned into the Redefined Muslimah Coach in 2018, after having her own perspective shifts in life that she needed to unravel in order to be the 'she' she already is. With this experience and insights she has gained, she now assists sisters in gaining acceptance and clarity in their blessed lives, by presenting opportunities to pause, reflect, and experience inspirations to grow as a Muslimah.


Are you feeling stuck? Are things not going as well or as far as you want to? Are you feeling slowed down? Are you ready to grow?

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Free Defining Step

A 30-minute free coaching call to get a feel of how it is working with the Redefined Muslimah Coach.

Redefining Step

A 60-minute coaching call to redefine yourself to unravel the 'you' you already are.
You may choose to engage in one call, or a package call.

Group Coaching Program

A 4-week group coaching program that takes you from where you are in life, to where you want to be, by reflecting upon selected verses from the Qur'an and applying them in your daily life.

Go from Defining Yourself to Redefining Yourself through Allah's Words by allowing yourself to experience the inspiration to grow as a Muslimah.

Note: Group Coaching is currently unavailable. The evergreen course can be accessed from the Courses tab.


Umm Afraz Muhammed is a stellar coach. I've had innumerable coaching sessions with her where she seems to have all the right questions up her sleeve masha Allah.
The highlight of my experiences, I would say, is how she'd help me come up with my own solutions as opposed to "spoon-feeding" me. I never felt forced to say/do anything I wasn't comfortable with. And that's a liberating feeling when you're stuck in something and are finding your way out. ✨✨
Absolutely love her openness and gentle demeanor!
BarakAllahu feeha 💐
- Umm Marwan Ibrahim
الحمد لله‬ Umm Afraz is an awesome coach, she listens and is there for her clients, providing them the room to think and search for the answers they’re looking for.
I highly recommend her services. You will definitely draw some gems for yourselves through her sessions إن شاء الله‬.
- Seema Umm Rayyan
I had recently a coaching session with Umm Afraz here. The best part was that being a woman she could understand exactly what I was going through. The other most important thing was how she made me find the solutions to my problems through self introspection. It was like teaching to fish rather than feed for a day.
To this day, I have been following the same way to help myself. I have kept her as a role model to guide my children also.
As sister Umm Afraz aptly said " You never know your inner strength until you are placed in that situation."
All my prayers and dua is for you dear, and I hope you keep spreading light on others life as you did for me.
Lots of love.
- Asha Badruddin
Allah tests each and every soul at some point of time. And if during this time anyone feels depressed or feels confused then this site[...]is the best place to be[...]May Allah bless Umm Afraz for helping people during their worst days to showing them the right path to deal with their problems according to Islamic way.
- Arfa Imran


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